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setting goals and creating an action plan


After I’ve received your message I can create an action plan on how I can help you. We’ll have a free consultation to hammer out the details if necessary.

submit contract and invoice


I’ll send over a contract and an online invoice to finalize all the fine details.Then, we can get started on your project.

Fruit for Thought

What Is An Online Community?

What Is an Online Community?

Connect with other people through an online community and have a place to share and support each other. A safe, comfortable place to get answers.

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Freelancer101: What Is A Freelancer?

Freelancer101: What Is a Freelancer?

Find and hire the perfect freelancer for your project. Search freelancers by skill, location, and even price.From writing to SEO and beyond.

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Hiring A Copywriter For Small Business

Hiring a Copywriter for Small Business

Need help creating content for your small business? Hiring a copywriter can save you time and money while ensuring your content is of the highest quality.

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