Content writing and copywriting use your brand voice to communicate directly to your ideal target. The end goal is to enlighten, engage and encourage conversion.

Content writing and copywriting run parallel to each other, with the same goals: to educate and promote. However, the prioritization is different. Each plays a part in marketing by address customers directly. Content writing and copywriting are done with the audience in mind. All stylistic elements can be altered to suit different needs.


How relevant are your brand assets? Does your logo clearly identify you or is it ambiguous? You should have something that is strikingly unique and still easy to understand. Do you have printed assets? If so, how useful are they? If you conduct your business solely online, then you don’t necessarily need a business card. Do keychains and pens drive sales or would you rather invest that elsewhere?

Keep asking questions and you’ll find help in the answers.


The copy intends to instill knowledge about marketing assets, specifically logos.

It directly addresses misconceptions and the purpose of a logo in a manner that makes the reader think.

It also encourages readers to think deeply about how their logos, and marketing assets, play a role in their business.


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The copy intends to create a sense of urgency without aggressively pushing the reader to purchase.

Instead, it tells the reader about the ease of shopping and the facilities that would ensure that the experience is completely stress-free.

Towards the end, it seals the deal with a discount

The general tone is softly playful and friendly; it creates a sense of warmth and familiarity.


Hello [Customer Name],

Since you are one of our valued customers, we just wanted to let you know about some changes to our program details (they won’t affect your current rate or service). Transparency and accountability are always our top priorities.

There’s no need to respond to this email, but you might want to view the changes on our website.

If you have any questions, let us know.

- The Wrecking Crew


The copy intends to update customers about vital changes.

It gets to the point quickly and reassures the reader about their intentions.

Unexpected changes or updates can be seen as a bait-and-switch tactic.

To avoid any misconceptions, the copy lets the reader know that the updates won’t change them adversely.

The simplicity of the copy accomplishes the task without confusing or aggravating the reader.


With Luce Arabelle, you do more than just buy products. You are taking steps to build a brand, carve out your own identity, deliver quality products, and make them accessible to your customers. When we help you to build your brand, it’s more than printing your name on items, it’s about connecting with your customers.


The copy intends to educate readers about what the company does. It takes a step outside of what customers do (purchase branded products) and shows readers the company’s added value. This lets the readers know the worth of a branded item and the value of having a brand.


Hey [Customer Name]!

We’ve got some amazing news that will totally change your life! (No, we are not being too dramatic.) We figured out the best way to beat the heat this summer. That’s right, our ice cream geniuses worked tirelessly to bring you this cool customer: The Butterscotch Berry Ripple.

This masterpiece is a vanilla sundae decadently swirled with our delicious raspberry syrup and rich butterscotch. To complete it, we have crunchy peanut brittle and a classic cherry on top!

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The copy intends to get customers excited for a new launch.

It playfully exhibits the new product in a friendly way and encourages the reader to purchase one.

The rich copy gives a graphic description of the product that is enticing.

It’s a fun and casual tone that makes the copy easy to digest and makes the readers feel as though they are reading something written by someone they are familiar with.

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